Wednesday, May 29, 2013

My first business trip!

Oh my aching feet!  I can't believe how much fun it is to go to the HD Expo!  This was my first Design convention and I had a blast! We left early in the morning Wednesday via airplane to Vegas and returned late at night Thursday.  Everything in between was spent walking the floors at the show.  I wish I could have taken a pictures of every amazing product I was inspired by, but I don't think my phone had enough memory to hold it all.
 Both nights we were there we were privileged to attend parties held at the Mix which is a bar/restaurant at the top of The Hotel @ Mandalay Bay.  Sixty four stories up in the air gets you a beautiful view of the Strip! The picture in the middle was a ceiling feature that was about 30-40 ft in diameter and about 25 ft high in the restaurant space. The picture of the red blob at the bottom was a structural feature behind the bar that took my breath away.

One thing about conventions is that everyone gives away free stuff.  I came home with so many new bags, I don't think I'll need one for a while.  No worries, this mom with put them to good use :)
I'm glad I got to go this year.  It was definitely a lot to take in and I didn't even get to every vendor!  I could get used to trips like this :)