Thursday, October 27, 2011


I've promised friends I would post some of my homework on here so I took some pictures.  Here's a little look into things I have to work on for hours at a time as a design student.  As I'm starting my second year, I'm only finding that I get to spend more hours on my homework, but it's more directly related with my program and makes me even more excited to be an interior designer.

This is from a third quarter class called Fundamentals of Drawing.  The assignment was to set up a still life of seven objects with different textures.  This was done in charcoal.  I can tell you that before this class I was all stick figures, but now, if I really want to, I can apply more design theory into drawings.

This was a part of this quarter's assignments in a class called Design Development - Residential.  This assignment is called a Concept Board.  Sometimes on shows like Designers Challenge on HGTV (or DIY, I can't remember since we don't have cable anymore) you'll see designers with presentation boards.  This is not one of them.  A concept board just shows the look and feel a space is going for.  None of these items will actually be seen in the place we are designing.  

We had to write a concept statement and find the images that would help support that statement.  What do you think?  Did I make it happen?

This turned out to be a fun project, also from this quarter.  This is from my Image Manipulation class.  I like to just call it Photoshop because that's the only application we're learning.  This assignment was called the Collage Project.  We were supposed to have at least 3 images and use techniques we learned about (layers, layer masking, filters, etc.) to convey a message.  I'll admit, I did this when I was sick and it was a second attempt at the project.  So powering through Nyquil, I started with the piano, then added a sunset.  The color of the wood reminded me of fall so I added a leaf.  Fall made me think of time passing so I added a clock.  I created a transparent image of sheet music to tie it all together.  All in all, it symbolizes the passing of time and a bit of nostalgia.  

This last project made me think a lot once I got the critique back from my teacher (which was well received).  My teacher asked me, "What does the piano and music have to do with this?"  Some of you know that when I started college I was a music major.  I lived music for 2 years straight and got as much out of it as I think I possibly could have at the time.  After I graduated with an associates, my priorities changed.  I got married, had kids, and now 10 years after starting down the path of music, I find myself in a place I couldn't have imagined back then.  Interior design?  Who would have thunk?  I'm just as passionate about interior design as I was about music.  It's all about creativity right?  I'll never let that part of me go.

Me and my hubby in California

I'm glad I'm where I'm at today.  I've got a creative husband and two energetic kids that I love to play with.  I'm looking forward to this "new day" in life and can't wait for the holidays to start!  Like I said in my last post, once I'm done with my online class in two weeks, I'll have more time on my hands to craft and use that creative gene of mine.

I hope you enjoyed my homework :) Which did you like?


I've been AWOL for a month?!  What happened to the last 30 days?  Oh that's right, school started again and we ALL got sick in our house.  In fact, I'm still trying to find my voice, but I'm well enough to realize that it's almost Halloween!  (It sneaks up on you!)

Here's a little wreath I made simply from tying ribbon around this styrofoam form.  Hot glue is your friend in this project.  Keep it simple! Keep it cute! I have to keep these things in mind until my online class is over in a couple of weeks.

You can see this wreath and many other "Fall" wreaths on the themed link up party at The CSI Project.