Thursday, January 2, 2014

You Light up my life!

To fill in and catch up a little bit, I'll start back from my last post.  Almost a month after my first business trip, I quit my job.  I had quit going to school and put a hold on my dream of getting a bachelor's degree in interior design. Thanks to my husband getting a promotion at his job, I took a good solid break from it all and enjoyed a summer with my girls.  

As the summer got closer to ending, I figured I was ready to finish what I started and got registered for the Summer session (starting in August) at the Art Institute.  It was refreshing and exciting to get back to school.  I even won the People's Choice Award on my residential studio project.


It was during this quarter that I took my Lighting Design course and had an amazing teacher that lead me to the job I have now at Lightform Lighting in Phoenix!  I never knew (even after taking the class) that lighting could be so complicated! Thank goodness for lighting designers!  I'm glad I have my interior design background to help me in this job and I'm enjoying the people I work with, even the dog.


The Fall Quarter lead me into Sustainability and Hospitality Design as my favorite classes.  The classes were taught together that we were able to create a LEED project for our Hospitality Design. I found it interesting enough that I've set the goal to become LEED accredited!  I'll be taking the test within the next month or so.

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Life is busy all around, but it's a good busy and we're moving forward.  I've started my senior project which will take 9 months to complete.  Only 6 more months till graduation!

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  1. So impressive! I am so proud of you! You are so talented and an incredibly hard worker! Can't wait to celebrate your graduation!!


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