Monday, September 19, 2011

15 Minutes

My mornings are generally pretty busy on a school day. Take today for instance. 5:00 - Husband kisses me before he leaves for work
5:30am - My alarm clock goes off. I immediately set it for 15 minutes later (snooze is broken) 5:45 - Alarm clock goes off again and I roll out of bed. 6:00 - I'm dressed and ready and head to {B}'s room to get her ready for school. I leave {T} in bed hoping she'll stay asleep until I actually have to leave. (It's just better to help one girl get ready than two at the same time.) 6:03 - After some coaxing, {B} sits up in bed and I realize she's peed through her diaper ... once again. 6:05 - {B} gets in the shower while I get her clothes ready. 6:06 - {T} comes out of her room ... figures. ("Mommy, I awake!") 6:10 - {B} gets out of the shower and doesn't like the clothes I picked for her (I thought uniforms was supposed to make things easier) 6:15 - {T} is dressed, {B} is dressed, time for breakfast 6:18 - Fruity Pebbles made and sitting in front of the girls for breakfast. 6:19 - {B} spills Fruity Pebbles on her shorts and she has to get changed. I make my bowl of Bran Flakes. (Come on fiber, work your magic!) 6:23 - {B} is changed into clean shorts and refuses to eat due to her bad temper (My words not hers. She becomes mute when she's upset) 6:25 - {B}'s lunch is made, can't find her lunch box and has to use my old bag 6:26 - {T}'s shoes are on 6:30 - Girls in car with {B}'s shoes and socks in hand 6:33 - I'm in the car with backpacks (mine and {T}'s), drills to return to in-laws, tabs for a friend Crap, forgot the keys again 6:35 - Out of the driveway 6:40 - {B} is dropped off at a friend's with one shoe still in hand and frown still on her face ("I love you! Have a good day!" {B} "hmph") 6:45 - return home to get something a classmate needs 7:15 - drop off {T} at in-laws
traffic 7:45 - Pick up classmate who doesn't have a car
more traffic 8:15 - walk into class 15 minutes late. I shouldn't have reset my alarm.

Happy Monday!

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