Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Hi everyone!

Welcome to my blog.  I get a lot of questions about what it's like to be a wife, mom, AND a student and how do I make it work.  So I decided to start this blog kind of as a journal so whoever might be interested can peek into my life as I try to make things work.

I'm a student at the Art Institute of Phoenix (thanks to my husband and his work benefits) and I'm working on getting my bachelor's degree in Interior Design.  I already have a head start on my "post-high school" education.  I've received my AA degree in Music from Eastern Arizona College in 2003, but since then I've become a wife and mother, which I know is the job I was created for.

With this opportunity to attend school, I'm pursuing a different course than what I started with.  I've finally found the degree that I've been practicing since my sister moved out and I got my own room.

When I turned 12 my parents decided my room needed a makeover. I was forever moving furniture and changing things.  I'm sure at least every 3 months or so, something was different. I got to help find bed coverings, curtains, paint colors, wall treatments, and even refurbished a dresser.  My room was dramatically changed as it went from rainbows, unicorns and teddy bears to dark greens, blacks and pinks.  Sure, most of the walls remained white to balance it all out. The dresser went from a beat-up white with "I Am A Child of God" primary stickers all over it (from the days of my youth when my mom wasn't looking) to a dark, hunter green with brass pulls.  I loved every part of that process and I'm so glad my parents let me be involved in it.  This was my first experience as a designer and I didn't even realize until after I started college that I could have a career doing just this.

I'm sure even from my first college experience, my roommates could tell you this is what I should actually be doing.  We were forever making furniture changes to our front room in our tiny apartment and when my roomies would let me, even the bedroom arrangement would change.  (Thanks girlies for letting me get away with that.)

So now here I am, traveling at least twice a week an hour each way into Phoenix to further my education. I started attending in November of 2010 and I'm set to graduate sometime towards the end of 2013.  Nearly one year down and two to go.  I'll catch you up on some of the classes I've taken and work I've done.  I've also got pictures of projects I work on at home since the school doesn't teach me how to refurbish or upholster furniture.  I'm available for free consultations right now and would love to take on any projects you can throw at me.

Until next time . . .

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