Saturday, September 17, 2011

Guests and Projects

I get so excited when we have guests coming over that I find the motivation to change things in my house.  There's a particular project that I've been wanting to do, but my husband hates moving furniture and equipment around so it's been put off for a very long time.

 My entertainment center is a big of an eyesore to me.  It was put together out of necessity when we moved in over a year ago.  I hate seeing the wires behind the TV, it looks like the monster in the room and it is constantly disorganized. I've had a new configuration in my head for a few months now, but never had the motivation to do it.  Apparently it takes guests coming in from Utah for me to find that motivation.

My mother-in-law's best friend was in town this week and my husband offered to make dinner. (He's my live in Bobby Flay. I'm so lucky!)  So the day that everyone is supposed to come over, I text my husband to see if he would be mad if I changed everything about the entertainment center.  He said as long as he didn't have to do anything it would be fine.  I put the phone down and went to work.

Four hours later and a break to pick up {B} from school, I was done.  Unfortunately, I couldn't finish the floating shelf above the TV before our guests came over because our drill doesn't have enough torque. (A new drill is on the Christmas list this year.)  My father-in-law came to the rescue with 2 different types of drills for us to choose from.  So after everyone left, I finished drilling and accessorizing so I could take this picture before I went to bed.
 The old shelf with doors needs to be taken somewhere else, but I'm glad the project got finished.  I feel much better when I watch TV now that everything is organized and I can display pretty things in a much nicer less messy way.

On account of finishing projects, here's another beauty I finished and posted to craigslist today!

 If you're interested in buying this, here's the official post:

Now I'm off to enjoy the rest of my Saturday (aka finish homework before Monday morning's class)


  1. I found this post on Pinterest and LOVE the red dresser. Can you describe the process and products you used? I'm a first timer dresser refinisher and I have two I'm interested in redoing. Thanks in advance!

  2. Hey Danielle! Thanks for checking this out! I sanded down the dresser just to rough up the surface. I used a Behr's primer and paint in one. The color I used was I believe Vermillion from the Martha Stewart line and had them color match it to the Behr paint. After putting two coat's on, I used Ralph Lauren's faux technique glaze paint. Glaze paint needs to be color matched. All they did at Home Depot was add 3 oz. of Lamp Black to a quart of glaze and it came out the perfect black. I also recommend using latex gloves while you glaze. Once the glaze is dry, apply how ever many coats of satin finish polycrilic for a little protection. If you have any questions, especially about glazing, I'd head over to I learn all my tricks from her :) Thanks again!


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