Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Winter Break 2011-12

I deserved this break!  It seems like every winter I get sick enough to put me out for a few days.  I was able to make it through finals this year, but then I crashed for the following weekend to charge my batteries for the Christmas rush.

During December, our heat went out . . . 3 times.  Though the experience was rough, we found the A/C company we'll be using for the rest of our life.  The first time they came out, they worked on our unit until 9 pm so that we would have a warm night.  Good customer service goes a long way.  Other than dipping into our Christmas budget for house repairs, we still were happy to spend time with our family.

School has started for me once again.  On the docket is: Design Development Commercial, Codes (...yeah...), Revit, and Visual Presentation.  On the first day of school, I finally received news about an internship I interviewed for nearly 6 weeks ago. They don't need me :( Oh well, the position wasn't something they were advertising and they were considering fitting me in and finding what duties I would have.  I guess it doesn't work out right now, but there is always other places.

What would my dream job be?  I would love to work as an interior designer for an architectural firm that builds custom homes.  I grew up in a custom home and I loved how different it was from everyones.  I like going into a house and having someone show me around instead of instantly knowing where all the bathrooms and bedrooms are located.  I like to be surprised!

Along with my dream, I would create the layout of my own custom home.  I would love to have near complete control over what goes into my home down to the tiny details from outlets and harware to ceiling heights and elevations.

I'm getting closer to my dream, one quarter at a time.  Although I've received my first rejection, I still feel like the world is my oyster and that I will still be able to accomplish great things in my life.  Resumes went out again yesterday with hope for success.  As for now, I'm happy working in my garage creating beautiful furniture.

Here's to Winter 2012!

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